Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)

A low, spreading perennial groundcover for full or partial shade. Very hardy, vigorous and easy to grow. Thrives in clay and poor soil. Blooms fragrant white bell flowers in spring followed by red berries. Drought tolerant and resistant to browsing by deer and rabbits.  Grows to 8-10 in. tall and spreads via rhizomes. Lily of the Valley has played a huge part in history as a symbol of love, is the national flower of Finland and is the official May Day flower in France.

*All parts of this plant are toxic when ingested.*

Requirements: Shade to partial shade. Tolerates clay and most soil conditions.

Height: to 10 in.    Spread: forms dense colonies that keep spreading.


A variegated form with white stripes.

'Fernwood's Golden Slippers'

A sport of C. m.  'Cream da Mint' introduced by Fernwood Nursery of Maine. New leaves are bright gold and fade to chartreuse. A less aggresive spreader than the species. 


A form with pale pink flowers, a less aggresive spreader.


A form with very pale pink flowers (paler than 'Rosea'), a less aggresive spreader.

'Fortin's Giant' (Géant de Fortin)

A large form to 18 in. tall with large flowers.


A double-petaled form.

'Vic Pawlowki's Gold'

A variegated form with yellow stripes.