Helichrysum italicum (Curry Plant)

An evergreen (silver) shrub with aromatic foliage reminiscent of a curry spice blend but not to be confused with curry leaf (Murraya koenigii). Hardy to 0 F or lower and performs best in stony or sandy soil with exceptional drainage. Can be easily pruned to maintain shape.

Requirements: Full sun and well-draining soil.

Height: to 3 ft.    Spread: to 3 ft.

'Miel et Curry' 

A sweetly aromatic selection from Pépinière Filippi of France. Translates to 'Honey and Curry.' To 18 in. x 18 in.

'Silver Stitch

Description coming soon.

'Wood's Form'

A selection from former Oregon plantsman Ed Wood. Wider, more silvery foliage than the species.