Prostanthera rotundifolia (Australian Mint Bush)

An evergreen shrub often referred to as "native oregano" by Australians and used as an oregano substitute either dried or fresh. Foliage has a pleasant minty aroma and is said to taste earthier and less sweet than oregano by several sources. May have been used in traditional medicine to treat headaches and colds. Early spring blooms of abundant purple-pink bell flowers are popular with hummingbirds and gardeners alike. 

Requirements:  A sheltered and sunny location with well-draining humus-rich soil. Hardy to under 20 F and possibly lower if next to a building with ambient heat and/or some protection from severe winter weather.

Height: to 4 ft.    Spread: to 4 ft.

Prostanthera rotundifolia

Prostanthera rotundifolia 'Variegata'