Santolina 'Little Nicky'

Common name(s): cotton lavender

Description: evergreen shrub; a curious, miniature green santolina with very compact green foliage and mustard yellow button flowers in summer. A popular choice in rock gardens and for landscaping around miniature train sets.  

Height: to 1 ft. Spread: to 16 in.

Position: full sun and well-draining soil

Uses: sachets to repel fleas/insects, potpourri, dried bouquets, ornamental- low hedges

Winter Hardiness: to 0 F and below

Drought: Adapted to 4 months of summer drought

Notes: this santolina was reportedly brought back from Europe and introduced to the U.S. by Dave Fross of Native Sons Nursery in California but there is no mention of it in any literature prior. It is seemingly identical to Santolina 'Small-Ness' (sometimes sold as S. 'Little Ness' which has been in cultivation in the U.K. since around 1997.