Santolina virens [compact form]

Common name(s): compact green santolina

Description: evergreen shrub; a round, mounding shrub with very aromatic narrow green foliage. Copious cream-yellow flowers in summer that will re-bloom if sheared back. Thrives with sparse water and sparse nutrients.

Height: to 2 ft. Spread: to 2 ft.

Position: full sun and well-draining soil

Uses: sachets to repel fleas/insects, potpourri, dried bouquets, ornamental- low hedges

Winter Hardiness: to 0 F and below

Drought: Adapted to 4 months of summer drought

Notes: Santolina species are widely incongruent throughout the horticultural trade and the genus is still actively being described by taxonomists. We've keyed out our plants using dichotomous keys from literature released from 2021-2023 and come up with S. virens. We previously acquired and have sold this plant as S. ericoides but that is no longer consistent with a modern description of the species, however, it should be noted that our clones have considerably more compact growth compared to the standard forms of S. virens sold in the trade.