Thymus 'Lanuginosus' Syn: T. pseudolanuginosus (see below)

Common name(s): woolly thyme

Description: densely woolly gray-green foliage with sparse or no pink flowers in summer. Especially drought tolerant and is favorable for use as a lawn replacement due to its lack of flowers. 

Height: to 4 in. Spread: to 1 ft.

Position: full sun and well-draining soil

Uses: ornamental- as a small scale groundcover, to attract pollinators

Winter Hardiness: to 0 F and below

Note: often listed in the trade as Thymus pseudolanuginosus which is not currently an accepted species; in A Study of the Taxa of Thymus Cultivated in the United States (1982) by Harriet Flannery proposed the epithet Thymus praecox subsp. arcticus 'Lanuginosus'  in lieu of insufficient grounds for T. pseudolanuginosus to be regarded as an independent species. The International Thymus Register and Checklist (2009) by Margaret Easter further proposes that T. praecox and T. serpyllum are not separate species and should all be regarded as T. serpyllum. Needless to say, for now, we are happy to sell this cultivar without a species epithet.