Dianthus sp.

Dianthus spp. (Clove Pinks)

Also known as carnations or pinks. Dianthus are evergreen perennials that form a bluish-green carpet of foliage and bloom very fragrant clove-scented flowers in spring and sometimes again in autumn. Dianthus have been bred and cultivated since around 1717 and include a very extensive list of hybrids and cultivars. Our selection includes only strongly fragrant cultivars; why even grow dianthus if not for the aroma? Resistant to deer.

Requirements: Full sun and well-draining soil. Very hardy.

Height: to 10 in. Spread: to 2 ft.

Dianthus 'Dad's Favourite'

Cultivated since the 1800s. A likely hybrid of D. plumarius. Forms a loose mat.

Dianthus 'Dainty Dame'

A popular cultivar. Often blooms in spring and again in autumn.

Dianthus 'Eydangeri'

Blooms small, pink flowers and forms a very neat and compact cushion of foliage.

Dianthus 'Inchmery'

An antique cultivar grown since the 1700s. Long blooms of pale pink double flowers.

Dianthus 'Sops in Wine'

An antique cultivar grown since the 1700s. Forms a low, compact cushion.

Dianthus 'Unique'

An antique cultivar grown since the 1600s. Compact growth.

“Of all flowres, save the Damaske Rose, they are the most

pleasant to sight and smell: their use is much in ornament and

comforting the spirites by the sence of smelling.”

William Lawson, 1618