Chrysanthemum morifolium (Chinese Chrysanthemum)

A very late-blooming (November) perennial chrysanthemum that has been cultivated for 3,000 years and perhaps longer. There are 4 cultigens noted as having superior flowers for making chrysanthemum tea (bo ju hua, chu ju hua, gong ju hua, and hang ju hua). Each cultigen has its own lore and unique uses in traditional Chinese medicine.

We harvest full, open flowers in late morning when they are dry and most potent and then store them in a dark, dry place indoors for later consumption. Some sources say to not steep the flowers for long periods of time or overnight, etc. and though they don't offer much explanation we've always been a bit superstitious and only drink the tea immediately after brewing it.

Requirements: Full sun. Hardy to around 5 F.

Height: to 3 ft. Spread: to 3 ft.

'Bo Ju Hua'

An ancient cultigen from Bozhou of the Anhui Province. Large loose-petalled flowers have an uncanny habit of beginning to bloom on Halloween Day every year.

'Gong Ju Hua'

An ancient cultigen from the Anhui province that translates to tribute chrysanthmum (for the ancient emperors of China). It's rumored to be "the flower to resist aging" for its ability to nourish skin and hair as well as lowering cholesterol. Blooms the first several weeks of November (just after Bo Ju Hua).