Red form

Tangerine form

Venidium fastuosa (Namaqualand Daisy) syn. Arctotis fastuosa

An exquisite flower hailing from South Africa that blooms nonstop throughout the summer and is impressively adapted to drought. Many cultivars have been bred for varying flower colors and types but our stock was originally purchased as just different color variations of the species. We offer a red-flowered form and a tangerine form. Deer resistant. They can be grown as perennials with just a little effort or enjoyed as a low-maintenance, long-blooming annual. Flowers will open and close with the sun. Dead-heading is recommended, but not necessary.

Requirements: Full sun and well-draining soil. They are undoubtedly frost tender and will need some form of winter protection for longevity. Drought tolerant.

Care: A popular method for enjoying Namaqualand Daisies year after year is to grow them in containers and bring them inside and place them near a window during winter (or if you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse that is even better).

Height:  to 6 in.   Spread: to 18 in.