Jasminum officinale

Jasminum officinale (Poet's Jasmine)

Also known as common jasmine and true jasmine. A semi-evergreen to deciduous vine (depending on the severity of the winter) that excels at covering fences, trellises and/or ugly poles and objects. Abundant blooms of sweetly fragrant white flowers throughout the summer.

Requirements: Full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil. Enjoys humid conditions. Hardy to at least 0 F.

Height: to 30 ft. Spread: to 15 ft.


A cultivar with variegated leaves and pink buds that open to white flowers.

'Devon Cream'

A cultivar with large pale yellow flowers.

'Fiona Sunrise'

A selection with golden foliage that perhaps looks best in partial shade.


A fabulous cultivar with bold red buds that provide a stunning contrast to the white flowers and green foliage.

'Old Portland'

A selection introduced by Xera Plants of Portland for its powerful around the clock fragrance.