Agastache 'Licorice Candy'

Description: An incredible, edible, anise-scented perennial with nonstop blooms of fluorescent rosy-purple flower spikes from summer into fall. One of our fundraiser plants. Truly a hummingbird magnet!

Height: to 4 ft.    Spread: to 4 ft.

Position: full sun and well-draining soil.

Uses: culinary - edible flowers taste like sweet licorice candy and can be added to fruit salads and desserts or simply popped in your mouth for a natural breath freshener! The leaves can be added to soups or used as a tarragon substitute. 

Winter Hardiness: to 5 F and below

Notes: We originally raised this as a seedling from a batch of open-pollinated Agastache mexicana subsp. mexicana seeds; we introduced it in 2013 as one of our fundraiser plants for the Alzheimer's Association of Oregon.