Lavandula angustifolia 'Frances'

Common name(s): English lavender

Description: evergreen shrub; a chance seedling that we selected in the 90s but didn't introduce until 2020 after several succesful essential oil trials. Frances was the name of both of our founders' mothers. Robust, spreading growth and very fragrant, dark violet flower spikes on mid-length stems. Makes a very pleasant essential oil.

Height: to 2 ft. Spread: to 3 ft.

Stem length: 10-14 in.  

Corolla: violet-blue

Calyx: dark violet with sage green at the base

Bloom season: early summer

Best Uses: landscaping, essential oil, culinary, bouquets, crafts

Position: full sun and well-draining soil

Winter Hardiness: to 0 F and below

Drought: adapted to 3 months of summer drought