Lavandula angustifolia 'French Fields'

Common name(s): English lavender

Description: evergreen shrub; we originally purchased this with the label "Lavandula angustifolia from the perfume fields of France" and offered it as such in the early 1980s. At some point, a grower in Washington began instead selling it as the cultivar 'French Fields' we then also changed it so it would not be confused in the trade. Compact growth and highly fragrant, violet-blue flower spikes on mid-length stems. An early bloomer and reliable re-bloomer for a second flowering in autumn. One of our best-sellers prized for culinary use, essential oil, and bouquets.


Height: to 2 ft. Spread: to 3 ft.

Stem length: 10-12 in.  

Corolla: violet-blue

Calyx: dark violet with sage green at the base, woolly

Bloom season: early summer

Best Uses: landscaping, culinary, essential oil, bouquets, crafts

Position: full sun and well-draining soil

Winter Hardiness: to 0 F and below

Drought: adapted to 3 months of summer drought